About ALP




The ALL Liberian Party is a people Oriented and a people Centered Political Movement in Liberia: We are a grass roots organization.

What do we mean when we SAY ALP is a movement?

ALP is a movement. That means, its partisans are driven by an intense desire or passion to see change happen in the way and manner in which political governance is done in Liberia.

The energy to sustain ALP and keep it going is generated from within and from the activities of ordinary partisans who work at the community level. ALP is growing exponentially because all communities organize their own community projects and carry them out in order to add value to their people, themselves and their communities. Districts Coordinators, Zonnal Leaders and community mobilizers organize cell groups who start other cell groups.

The Mission of ALP

(What ALP Exists Primarily To Do)

ALP exists primarily to transform the lives of all Liberians by creating a dynamic economy which will serve people’s interests while at the same time establishing a free, fair, and democratic society which will reward hard work, patriotism and self-discipline.


Patriotism, Discipline, Equity


ALP Core Values

We are committed to:

  • Seeking the people’s Welfare first
  • Transparency in everything
  • Decentralization
  • Reconciliation
  • Accountability in all things
  • Selflessness in Leadership
  • Obedience to law and Order
  • Justice, Equality and Equity
  • Reconciliation and Unity
  • Rewarding hard work and Service
  • Love for Country
  • Respect for Cultural, religious, and Traditional Liberian Values
  • Upholding the Constitution and laws of Liberia
  • Honesty in all transactions
  • Tolerance
  • Inclusiveness


  • Agriculture and Food Security
  • Quality Education
  • Quality Health care and Delivery
  • Improved/quality Public Transportation
  • National Human Security
  • Energy, Water and Sanitation
  • Employment and Job Creation
  • Youth and Sports Development
  • Culture and Tourism
  • Improved Communication
  • Justice and Human Rights
  • Improved Housing for ALL
  • Roads/Air Ports, Rail Road/Infrastructural Development
  • Gender Mainstream

ALP Strategy

Mobilizing, Recruiting and Empowering people to create wealth for themselves