ALP-Monrovia: October 6, 2016: The All Liberian Party says President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has effectively destroyed the democratic pillars of the nation and rolled-back the gains made over the years in the democratic process, in spite of massive international  support.

In a strongly worded statement issued by the party, the ALP said President Sirleaf has succeeded in manipulating and undermining the spirit and intent   of the system of check and balance in our governance structure as enshrined in the constitution of the Republic of Liberia and is now dictating and issuing instructions to the other branches of government.

The ALP noted that recent actions by president Sirleaf to continuously usurp the authority and dictate to both the Legislative and Judiciary branches of government send a troubling signal to all Liberians and the international community that Liberia is on a collision course that must be urgently arrested before the nation slips into crisis.

The ALP described the recent election of a new Speaker of the House of Representatives in total disregard for the due process, as clear evidence that the Legislature has completely lost its independence and is now bent on satisfying the wishes and desires of the presidency.

The ALP said, in the 169 years of existence as a nation State, certain degree of independence and coordination has existed amongst the three branches of government but the dictatorial tendencies of Madam Sirleaf has subjugated the entire government and the governance structure to the wishes and demands of the leader of the Executive branch of govrnment.

The All Liberian Party clarified that while it has no particular interest in who becomes Speaker of the House of Representatives, it strongly believes that the involvement of the President in directing and pre-determining the leadership of the House, is a travesty and mockery of the democratic process.

The party noted that even the Supreme Court that is viewed as the final  arbiter of justice in the country has been less robust in dealing with some of the constitutional violations, a situation which is beginning to create apprehensions in various quarters on whether or not the Supreme Court will be in the position to fairly adjudicate disputes and issues arising out of the country’s pending 2017 national elections.    “we are concerned about the early signs of interferences and undue manipulations of the other branches of government by the executive,” the ALP concluded.

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